Celebrate life in the most unique way. It will be the most precious, breathtaking and priceless diamond you will ever own.

We create real, 100% pure diamonds out of DNA.

DNA Diamonds creates custom, GIA certified diamonds using the carbon from a lock of hair or cremated ashes. These are the most personal diamonds you will ever own that can be kept for generations to come.

Why choose a DNA Diamond over any other diamond?

DNA Diamonds are laboratory created diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically identical to any natural diamond. By using the carbon from DNA, we can create up to a 2 carat diamond that is earth friendly – no mining and without any conflict.

DNA Diamonds are perfect for:

Wedding Diamonds

A diamond so personal that it captures the essence of the two of you. Uniquely created, simply by combining locks of your hair.

Memorial Diamonds

Celebrate a life! Using hair or ashes, you can keep their love forever with you. As a diamond, they will shine and sparkle as bright as they lived.

Family Diamonds

Created from the personal carbon of your child, children, grandchildren or entire family. Make a family diamond to be passed on for ages.

Pet Diamonds

Keep the love you have for your pet a memory to last forever. Using hair or ashes to create a diamond. You can always keep your pet close.

How does the DNA Diaomond Process Work?

First, the process starts by receiving our DNA Diamond order kit by filling out the form below. Once an order has been placed for your personal diamond and we have received the collection of hair or ashes, you will be assigned an ID number. This ID number is specific to your diamond allowing you to track your diamond at anytime throughout the process by emails from DNA Diamonds and online tracking.

Once your hair or ashes reaches our laboratory, the process begins with a chemical analysis. The next step is to take out all the carbon using extreme heat among other methods. The raw carbon is compressed creating graphite. The graphite is then placed in our diamond machine where it undergoes extreme pressures and temperatures. After 3-5 days, a diamond in the rough is created. It is then cut and polished and sent to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be certified for carat, cut, color and clarity. The diamond is finally finished and ready to be the most prizes gem you will ever own.

What types of Diamonds can I get from DNA?
There are a wide variety of sizes and colors available with prices starting at $2300. Every DNA Diamond, one-quarter carat (0.25 ct.) and larger, is individually inspected, measured, graded and certified by the highly respected, Gemological Institute of America.

The certification paperwork will include the details of your diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity from DNA Diamonds with includes the chemical analysis of the hair or ashes given to DNA Diamonds.

Get started today by filling out the form below to receive your complimentary order kit. You only pay shipping and handling. The kit contains a brochure, price list, order form, and a special container to send back the hair or ashes that will be made into your new diamond.
Get started today by filling out the form to receive your complimentary order kit. Only pay shipping and handling.
The kit is a box with order forms, brochures, pricing sheet and a jar to send back your DNA to be made into your diamond.
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